We appreciate your interest in the economic issues related to marina industry and recreational boating. The Marina Economic Model, which was developed in partnership with the Association of Marina Industries, was used by many marina owners and operators during the course of the last several years.

We regret, however, to inform you that the Marina Economics Model will no longer be available because the data that supplied the model and generated the economic impact estimates are seriously outdated and cannot be made current any longer by simply applying inflation rates.

Over the last few years, there have been many economic, fiscal and other changes in the marina industry, and also in the practices, activities and spending patterns of recreational boaters (storage fees, boat upkeep, etc.) which caused us major concern that the model may not properly reflect current situation anymore. That has led to the decision to close the Marina Economic Model until we are able to collect up-to-date information on boater spending and estimate new financial ratios (e.g., sales to employment, sales to wage and salaries) for marinas in the U.S.

Marinas in Florida have access to a more comprehensive and current marina economic impact model at www.floridaboatingeconomics.com

We hope to partner with the Association of Marina Industries in the near future to collect the data necessary to update the model. When this is accomplished, the model will again be available to marina owners and operators.

Dr. Ed Mahoney
Recreation Marine Research Center
Michigan State University





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